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The Man Called Preston

February 1, 2012 by Shane2012

Once Upon a time in the deepside forest, there were a House.
In the house lived a family called the Walters, there were ( mother ) Adrian
( Father ) Jackson ( Son ) Jasper
(Daughter) Emily. They moved in the deepside forest village a month ago.
Jasper and his sister Emily Are Always alone because mum and dad works
Nights. It was a dark windy night when suddenly Jasper appears to have seen
something on the stairs. Emily says: Jasper what are you looking at? Jasper:
Nothing erm just thought i saw something thats all.
Emily: Okay. Jasper and Emily begin to watch TV in there room when suddenly
Jasper feels something breathing on his kneck, he turns around as fast as he
could and see's there's nothing there, He goes down stairs with a strong
curiosity, he looks around and see's nothing. Then he goes to the fridge to
get a pint of milk. he drinks the milk then turns around to go back to his
room, he gets to the end of the stares when he hears a voice calling his
name, he begins to walk towards the voice and says
(( Who's Their??)) (( Can i help you?? )) Jasper gets no reply so he goes
back to his room and tells his sister what he heard.
Jasper: Emily do you know when i turned around because i thought something
was breathing on me? Emily: yes Why? Why Are You Shaking?? Jasper: Well i
Heard a voice down stairs. Im scared will you check it out,please Emily.
Emily: yes you stay here and lock the door. Emily Goes to the bottom of her
stairs. Emily: is anyone there? Emily gets no reply but as she walks down the
last 2 steps, Somthing grabs her foot and drags her into the basement. Emily:
down the stairs and picks up the knife out the kitchen. Jasper: Emily were
are you? Emily: Im in here in the basement get me out? Jasper: Okayy hang
onn. he calls his father ( Jackson ) Jasper: Daddy please help
something's got Emily and i dont know what to do please HELP. Jackson: WHAT
omg im on my way just hang on. Jasper: okay. Jasper walks slowly into the
basement and see's his sister ( Emily ) on the floor all alone. Jasper: EMILY
what happend to you? Emily: Something grabbed my foot and dragged me in here.
Jackson: KIDS WERE ARE YOU IM HERE. kids: Daddy were in the basement. Jackson
runs down to the basement and picks Emily up and takes her to the hospital
along with jasper. While Emily is in a room being helped by the E&A Jackson
( father) And Jasper ( Son ) are waiting in the waiting area. Doctor: Mr
Walters?? Jackson: Yeahh thats us whats happend? Doctor: She's okay. she has
bad cuts and bruises that need to heal but she's going to be fine. Jackson:
Do You Know what happened to her? Doctor: Well she's Been bitten,scratched,
and dragged around. Jackson: Do you know anything about the Deepside
village? Doctor: No i dont but if you try looking on the internet you might
find something. Jackson: Thanks. While Emily is been looked after the dad and
son do a little bit of research in the down stairs library. Jackson finds out
the house is haunted and has a demon inside his home, it turns out that a
100yrs ago a man called (Preston) died in there. Jackson Finds out the man
also had bad depression and never took the pill's the A&E Provided him. The
Walters Family Moved back to Chicago were there safe. The House got knocked
down and made into a pub, they called it the ( Old Oak ). The End Hope you
Liked it. Shane Betts

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